Scratching the Surface looking for 8 short pieces for a new writing night

What is it?

Scratching the Surface is a scratch night for new writing on the 24th April 2020 at the Space theatre in East London/ the Docklands.

They’re looking for 8 new, exciting pieces of writing to combine into one memorable production, giving a platform to emerging artists and celebrating new writing!

What are they looking for?
  • 8 varied pieces by different writers (can be extracts from longer plays, monologues or short plays), no longer than 10 minutes each and including up to 4 characters/actors.

  • They ask that all writers only submit 1 piece of writing.

How to apply?

They have created a quick and easy Google form for you to complete. There are two versions of the form so make sure you select the correct one.

This form is for all applicants who have an existing Google account.

…and this form is for everyone who can’t/doesn’t want to create a Google account.

Please be aware that this is a voluntary project. All proceeds go towards funding the future work of The UnDisposables, allowing them to continue to create opportunities for emerging creatives in the arts.

For any questions please contact them on

Deadline: 23rd February 2020

Source: Direct Contact

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