Script Club – online book club for BBC Writersroom scripts

The Script Club is organised and run by writer Ollie George Clark and happens once every two months. With a different script each time, they look across different genres with a focus on discussing plot, structure, action and style.

Much the same as a traditional Book Club, the group gather to discuss different scripts drawn from the extensive catalogue of BBC Writersroom.

*Please Note* While the BBC Writersroom help share and support the Script Club, it is not organised by or affiliated to BBC Writersroom.

It’s a very informal group, with a mix of first time visitors and those that often attend – if you love writing and love scripts, you’re very welcome! It’s free to attend and (still being in its early stages) is shaped as they go – suggestions of scripts, genres and writers are very welcome.

Ollie can be contacted via Twitter (handle: @OliverGeorgeCl1 or email if you’re interested in joining and being kept up to date on when the next session will be.

To allow access to the greatest number of writers, the meetings are currently happening over Zoom.

Deadline: not applicable

Source: BBC Writersroom

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