Short Com Sitcom Script Competition (entry fee)

Short Com is delighted to announce its first ever script competition. Having screened some of the funniest short comedy films for several years by emerging comedy film-making talent to audiences and industry alike, they are now looking to unearth comedic writing talent to help kick-start their writing career.

What they are looking for: It’s one thing to be able to write funny ideas but can you also write a story within 22-30 pages and have characters that stand-out in a world that we’d want to come back and see in the next episode? Whether your idea uses a single-camera setup or is the more adventurous multi-camera format, they are  looking for solid sitcom ideas, great writing, and plenty of humour that shows wide audience appeal.

How to apply: find out more here


Early Bird Deadline – April 10th- £35

Regular Deadline – June 21st – £40

Late Deadline July 7th £45

Source: Playwriting UK Facebook Group

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