Short Film Fund seeks scripts for £5,000 plus budget film (£30/35 entry fee)

Shore Scripts is seeking short scripts for its Short Film Fund  competition.

Shore Scripts says the contest is an opportunity to become a produce screenwriter.

It will be commissioning at least one short film with a budget up to $15,000 (£12,100).  Minimum budget of $6250 (£5000).

It says the contest is a calling card in the industry. “All of our judges, production companies & agents will be sent the final film.
That’s over a 100 of the best people working in the industry who will see your work.”

Entry fee: £30 until 31 March 2017 then £35 until deadline

What to submit:  Scripts between 3-13 pages

How to apply:  Via this link

Deadline: 2 May 2017

Source: Writers Reign

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