Sketchy: London 2018 seeking submissions

SKETCHY: LONDON 2018 is an exciting new collaboration, bringing together artists and actors from all over the world. Its aim is to encourage a fresh perspective on contemporary collections, broadening their accessibility through the fusion of art, theatre and music.

This summer, the Sketchy exhibit is happening at the gorgeous Stour Space in Hackney.

On THURS 9 AUG, FRI 10 AUG and THURS 16 AUG, they will be hosting Sketchy Nights, where the exhibition will come to life in a show of sketches and extracts, specially chosen to reflect the art.

What they are looking for: 

“We champion new writing and are seeking exciting pieces for Sketchy Nights. Whether it’s spoken word, comedy, a scene from your new play, devised movement, cabaret – we want your work. If you can source performers for your piece, even better.”

  • Submissions should be no longer than 10-15 minutes each.
  • They are particularly interested in pieces that reflect the themes of: city life, identity, same sex love, the female body, reusing materials, mental and physical disability – but are totally open to pieces outside of these labels.

Further information: this is a brilliant new platform for emerging artists and a chance to celebrate art in its many forms. We are currently applying for funding for our creatives, but as this is a new event, with the best will in the world we cannot guarantee it yet.

How to apply: please submit extracts to, with a short synopsis of the extract (explaining if it’s part of a bigger piece) and which theme it relates to.

For more info about the event, see here:

Deadline: 18 July 2018

Source: direct contact

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