SLAM and The Arcola seeking one minute pieces about London

SLAM and the Arcola are seeking one minute pieces about London for performance at the Arcola on 6 May 2018.

SLAMinutes asks can we live in London: can we afford it, can we survive, can we make it? What chance does London stand us: all of us? How is that impacted by our social status, our background, our colour, our gender, our sexuality?

Is our struggle to succeed in it, to be seen in it actually what unifies us in all of that?

Is London now just the empty city, the expensive city, the city so crammed that it is too full to be filled with promised opportunity, are we overbeared by tall grey buildings we will never be able to mortgage? Or is it a place we can achieve, we can dream, the only place to make our work work? The place where we meet people, all people and where we see new things. After all a rat race is at least something that can be won?

What they are looking for: 30 Writers: playwrights, spoken word artists, comedians and singer-songwriters to give us ONE MINUTE each of their voice, their perspective on London whatever your chosen form, whatever your background. Whether it be about the housing crisis or the spike in knife crime which Lennie James made this observation about in his open letter last week  ‘I wouldn’t be you growing up now for love nor money. Your generation has so little room to manoeuvre. We had more space to step around the bulls**t.’ So use your minute to talk about your generation, your oppression, your opportunity, your frustration, whether Grenfell changed anything, or even the highs and lows of flat sharing.

Or anything that London has fulfilled for you, maybe some of your dreams have come true.

How to submit: Via the website 

Deadline: 20 April 2018

Source: Direct contact

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