Slung Low Theatre Company Team Member Vacancy (paid, Yorkshire)

Slung Low is an award-winning theatre company looking to hire a member to join their enthusiastic team. They specialise in making epic productions in non-theatre spaces, often with large community performance companies at their heart. They also run the oldest working men’s club in Britain- The Holbeck. It is a theatre, a development space, a community space, a rehearsal room and a pub: whatever their community needs. They also manage 16 acres of semi-ancient woodland and have a double decker bus as a mobile teaching space.

They are a small team of theatre artists exploring what it is to operate beyond the market, who believe that culture and art should be a central part of everyone’s lives, who understand that public subsidy means they are in service to our South Leeds community and who are guided by the ambition to be useful and kind at all times. And always on fire.

You could be a director, actor, designer, producer, writer, technician or you might come from a military background, project management, social care, events, education or something else entirely. You might have gone to drama school, or not. University, or not. College, or not. But if you would like to join a hard working team, this might be the place for you.

Deadline: 28 January 2002

Location: Yorkshire

Type: Full time

Salary: £30k – £40k

For more information and to apply please click here.


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