Small Fish Radio Theatre seeking 6-10 minute radio plays (Chicago, USA)

Small Fish Radio Theatre will be accepting radio plays, stories, original songs and poems for their spring show from now until January 15th.

The prompt:  “THEME: INTOXICATION.  Of any sort, don’t limit yourself. Anything from a scent, to a person, a place, a thing-is fair game. Of course things regarding intoxicating beverages are more than acceptable, but we encourage you to think outside the box.”

Script guidelines: 

  • Running Time – 6-10 Minute Radio Play (maximum 10 minutes)
  • Five Actors or Less – This does not mean five characters or less, it simply means your play must be able to be performed by a maximum of five actors.
  • Avoid Traditional Stage Directions – While this may seem obvious given our “radio” format, it is important to remember that your play is conveyed through the dialogue, music, and sound effects.
  • Theme/Genre – Small Fish Radio Theatre and Thespinarium encourages imaginative plays that transport the listener. Whimsy, fantasy (other than Sci-Fi), fable, fairy tale, melodrama, mystery are among the types of radio plays we look for.

How to apply:  Please send your submissions to:

Deadline:  15 January 2014

Source:  Play Submissions Helper

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