Summer Sessions: Online Workshops from LPB this August!

When the sun comes out and the nights get longer, it’s easy for your writing to take a backseat – after all, who wants to be cooped up behind their laptop when they could be out enjoying some rare British sunshine? So, to help you keep up the writing momentum, we’ll be bringing you a series of online mini-workshops throughout August.

The workshops will be exclusively available for our members. If you’re not a member yet, read more here and you can sign up for around the price of a coffee per month.

Summer Session 1: Overcoming writers’ block

The sun is shining, the park (or pub!) is calling and every time you look at your laptop screen you see a terrifying empty void. Sound familiar? Then don’t miss this selection of tips and exercises to help you to overcome writers’ block and boost your creativity!

When: available from Friday 3 August 2018

Summer Session 2: How to write a monologue 

We’ve all seen the competitions asking for monologues but how do you know what to submit? In this session, we’ll explore what makes a great monologue, work through some inspirational exercises and get you writing some submission worthy speeches this summer!

When: available from Friday 17 August 2018

Summer Session 3: Promoting yourself as a writer

Before you go all ‘back-to-school’ and start prepping that big Autumn project, why not spend a bit of time thinking about how to get yourself noticed as a writer? In this session, we’ll look at the nitty gritty of self-promotion for writers including writing brilliant bios to what not to say on application forms.

When: available from Friday 31 August 2018

How to participate: to access the workshops, members simply need to visit the members site on or after the dates published below. The workshops will remain live during August and beyond – so don’t worry if you’re taking a break over the summer, you can pick them up whenever is convenient for you.

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