Swings And Roundabouts: An inclusive night of new theatre in aid of Shelter

Old meets New: your favourite narratives turned upside down! Swings & Roundabouts is hosting an inclusive night of new theatre in aid of Shelter..

They are  looking for submissions to join their showcase for Shelter England on 24 March 2019 at Southwark Playhouse.

What they are looking for:  15 minute play (not extract). Choose your favourite story- fairytale, fable, moral, myth- or even play and set it in the modern day. (For prompts, email sroundabouts@gmail.com)

How to apply: to find out more and download application forms visit the website.

Deadline: 28 January  2019

Source: direct contact


Actors and Directors: we just want to know a little bit about you. No CVs please, just fill in the form (link below).


This is your chance to get involved at all stages of theatre-making. Swings and Roundabouts is a new production company looking to create an inspiring environment for emerging directors, playwrights and actors to meet each other and showcase their talents.

We will be hosting a day of free workshops and head shots for you (and us) to exchange skills and ideas. If you would like to run a workshop (on anything from improv to combat-fighting), please include this in your application.

To find out application forms visit:

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