Take Back seeking 5 minute shorts from girls/young women aged 25 and under

The next Take Back event will be:
Take Back our Girls at Hope Mill on 3 October.
They’d  love to receive short 5 min submissions from people identifying as girls and young women, aged 25 and under.
If accepted, your piece will be performed, script in hand, as part of a curated evening. They would love to hear about the challenges and joys of being a girl in 2018, and are particularly interested in global, intersectional stories and voices from and about under-represented communities here and globally.
“We welcome submissions of spoken word, songs, and especially short scenes. Please understand that we won’t be able to include everyone’s final piece as we have a time limit and also a huge remit of subject matter, but we will collate all the submitted pieces into some sort of online resource with your permission too.”
How to submit: send work to takebacktheatre@hotmail.com (also best place to send any questions!)
Deadline: 15 September 2018
Source: @Playwriting_UK

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