Talawa Firsts (events with BBC Writersroom)

BBC Writersroom is delighted to be involved with Talawa Firsts. The initiative aims to kick start the careers of new writers, directors and theatre makers. It’s a festival that brings together a community of artists and gives them a space to meet, spark off ideas, build networks and become the next generation to shape British Theatre.

There are many ways to get involved with Talawa – as a writer, theatre maker, facilitator or creative.

For example, on Thursday, 16th June, there’s a writing workshop with Abigail Gonda (Development Producer, BBC Writersroom) and Jane Fallowfield (Literary Associate, Talawa Theatre Company) investigating and enlightening upon what makes a piece of writing theatrical… What do you put in your opening scene? What exactly is subtext? Come along – explore some of the fundamentals of writing for stage and screen and be prepared to read, write and discuss… No experience necessary!

On Friday, 19th June you can catch How to Die of a Broken Heart by Femi Martin and on Wednesday 22nd June there’s a chance to see Destiny Does as She’s Told by Kenton Jordan Thomas. Enjoy LARP by Berri George on Friday, 24th June or One Woman’s Slide: A Blues by Dianna Hunt on 29th June.

Want to participate? Well, there’s a workshop with Gail Babb (Producer for Participation and Learning, Talawa Theatre Company) on Thursday, 23rd June, between 6:30pm – 9pm. It’s a meet and greet style event with a twist: this is an opportunity for BAME facilitators already working in the industry to meet, share ideas and refine skills. The organisers ask that you bring a game with you and be prepared to talk and play. You have been warned!

Are you trying to get a project off the ground? Then check out the ‘Grants for the Arts’ workshop with Cassandra Mathers (Relationship Manager, Arts Council England Thursday) on 30th June, 6:30pm – 8pm. This session aims to give you an introduction to Grants for the Arts, and represents an opportunity to gain vital knowledge about to how to progress your project. There’ll be an opportunity for a group Q&A, enabling you to share experiences and address general questions you have about the application process and beyond.

And finally, there’s a Mixed Bill on Friday, 1st July at 7.30pm. What does that entail? The organisers say, ‘Come and get a taste of the newest work being developed at Talawa. Three of our Studio Firsts artists present short pieces or extracts: Yami Lofvenberg uses dance, words and a twister board to tell a story of identity; Sean Graham turns a British citizenship test into a race for life with his company of dancers; Myah Jeffers tells a story about the blurred line between girlhood and womanhood.’

So! If you want to see great, new theatre or intend to make great, new theatre – or both! – Talawa Firsts is for you! Find out more at their official site!

Dates: various, starts on 16 June 2016

Source@ BBC Writersroom

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