Talawa Script Reading Service (Black British writers)

Twice a year, Talawa opens up a script reading window. They are now ready to receive new writing and powerful stories from new Black British writers.

Be sure to check out their website which has top tips from previous Talawa programme writers!

How to apply:  Please submit one electronic copy of your play either in Word or pdf format with a covering letter to scripts@talawa.com

  • Please submit one electronic copy of your play either in Word or pdf format, with a covering letter
  • They can only accept one script per person, per window

The Process

  • They will confirm that we have received your script
  • Your script will be read by one of their team of script readers, who will report back to the Literary Associate in their Readers’ Meeting

You will either receive a detailed script report or, if your script is selected for further development, you will be invited to come in and meet with Talawa

Please note – this process takes three months.   It may take slightly longer if your script has been shortlisted and recommended for a full read by the Literary Associate.

Deadline:  30 June 2017

Source:  Talawa Newsletter

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