Tamasha Playwrights Year 3: Call Out

Tamasha Developing Artists (TDA) is soliciting applications for the third year of its Tamasha Playwrights group.

Tamasha Playwrights is a writer-led collective founded in October 2014 by Tamasha’s Artistic Director Fin Kennedy and formed of eight playwrights from a diverse range of backgrounds.

The aims of Tamasha Playwrights are:

  • To offer long-term career development in a supportive environment to 8 emerging playwrights per year from culturally diverse backgrounds.
  • To train playwrights as producers, fundraisers, workshop leaders and project managers, as well as offering craft-based session on playwriting itself.
  • To support and encourage group members to be the creative leads on their own project ideas, to empower them to make a living as artists in between play commissions.
  • To factor in regular showcase opportunities to promote the writers and their work to the professional theatre industry. 

The content of each session is determined by the participants. As well as covering aspects of the craft of playwriting, these sessions have included workshops on producing your own work, budgeting a fringe show, and how to sustain a career as a freelance writer. Visiting speakers have included representatives from the National Theatre, Soho Theatre, Tricycle Theatre and the Royal Court, as well as freelance producers and directors.

What to Submit: 

  • One full length play for the stage (please note that screenplays cannot be considered, though stage plays for young people, stage musicals and radio plays can be).
  • A full CV (including writing and work experience + full contact details).
  • A covering letter, no more than 1 side of A4, outlining your relevant experience, your reasons for applying and what you hope to gain from taking part. There is also an equal opportunities form to be found on the webpage.

How to Apply: Please email Anuja Batra on projects@tamasha.org.uk with your application with subject line ‘Tamasha Playwrights’ or call the office on 0207 749 0090 if you have any questions.

Deadline: 26 September 2016

Source: Tamasha

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