Ten week course at Omnibus Writer’s Workshop (£130)

Ten week writing course
30 January 2017 from 10 am-1pm
Omnibus Writer’s Workshop, Clapham Common

About the course: The Omnibus Writer’s Workshop is running a ten week course hosted by its literary department, on Monday evenings from 30 January.

The group, at Clapham Common, is for writer’s at any stage – from those with a full-length script written already to those with an idea to be developed – though no-one who has had a professional staging of work.

The Writer’s Workshop says it is a positive, welcoming and enthusiastic environment in which writer’s can share their experiences with each other.

It is run by the literary department at Omnibus: Saffron Myers – literary manager, Mike Carter and Scott Wilson – writers and Will Rathbone – literary Assistant.

What you get: You will be given a series of exercises to complete to develop your skills. You will have the chance to work with professional actors and invite an audience to a reading of an extract of your work. You will benefit from mentoring and once the ten weeks is complete, have a one-to-one coaching session from one of the course tutors.

Price: £130.

How to book Contact: literary@omnibus- clapham.org

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2 thoughts on “Ten week course at Omnibus Writer’s Workshop (£130)”

    1. Kimberley Andrews

      Hi Fiona,

      It might be worth checking with the organisers directly as we haven’t heard anything about whether there will be another course coming up with them.


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