Thalia Arts Company – Big Enough to Hang a Life on: A Queer History Scratch Night

Thalia Arts will be running ‘Big Enough to Hang a Life on’, two evenings of scenes exploring the lives and relationships of LGBTQIA+ figures from history in the Golden Goose theatre this May and is currently taking submissions. Choose a queer figure from history (as long as it is someone from the past, they are interested) and create a scene for 2-4 actors featuring that character. It can be an imagined scene from behind closed doors, but they ask that it be based in the reality of that person’s life.

Some guidelines:
• 2-4 actors (they aren’t looking for monologues for this event)
• One of the characters on stage must be a figure from the LGBTQIA+ community
• Scenes should last no more than 10 minutes

Each piece will be performed once on either Thursday 25th May or Friday 26th May at 7:30pm at the Golden Goose Theatre in Camberwell.

They are also running a co-working/networking event for writers on Monday 3rd April in the National Theatre Foyer. They will be posting lots more details about this and other events on their instagram: @thalia_arts_company

Application form here.

for any further questions please email

Deadline: Monday 17th of April 2023

Source: direct contact

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