The 15th Street Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends seeking scripts based on Quaker History

The 15th Street Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, a prominent Quaker congregation in Manhattan, New York City, is seeking scripts based on people or events from Quaker history. We’re planning a non-union production in 2022 in our beautiful meetinghouse, a landmark building.
We’re accepting:
  • scripts of any genre: biography, fictionalized documentary, etc…
  • scripts of any length
  • scripts with any number characters
  • scripts in any style: epic, naturalistic, etc…
  • scripts addressing any audience: young audiences, young adult, general, etc…
  • Scripts suitable for any venue (except scripts demanding a proscenium): outdoors, large hall, medium-sized room, etc…
We have no strict deadline, but the sooner we receive your script the better, and we’re interested in anything you’d like to send. There are no restrictions on submissions. What we don’t produce we’ll keep in our library for further reference.
Please send scripts (MS Word of PDF) – or enquiries for further information – to:
Deadline: none posted
Source: direct contact

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