The After School Club looking for plays with young female protagonist for production

The After School Club are a brand new young female-led theatre company looking for a gem of a play to make their debut. They describe themselves as “sick of seeing plays where female roles are always supporting, or love interest” and want to explore the issues that young women face.

They are a new writing theatre company that aim to tackle challenging themes and bring controversial subject matters to the forefront of peoples’ minds.

Their aim is to work in a collaborative way, involving writers, directors and actors throughout the whole process to create pieces that pack a punch and keep audiences talking and questioning.

Submission specification

  • Full length plays, but they are also open to both plays that are already written and proposals of ideas still in the process of being developed
  • The play should have a female protagonist aged in her late teens/early 20s
  • They are looking for well-rounded/strong female characters. This being said the play does not have to be about “being a woman” as “strong” female is open to interpretation
  • They are looking for strong fully fleshed-out stories, not just female “heroes”
  • Stories that explore human relationships in all their beauty/ugliness.

As this will be their very first endeavour you’d need to be open to it being a learning curve for everyone involved. The play will be fully produced and performed at a London Fringe Theatre.

Send all submissions and queries to

Deadline: Sunday 28th May 2017

Source: BBC Writersroom


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