The Arch 468 Hope Prize (£10k commission)

The Arch 468 Hope Prize is a new £10,000 writing commission.
Hope is the fuel that drives every innovation, every attempt to advance the sum of human knowledge, every revolution and every leap of faith. Arch 468 are working to ensure that hope is not allowed to fade from public discourse.
Arch 468 are looking to commission a new piece that offers a vision of hope for now and the future. The commission is for a full rehearsal draft for a new mid-scale play which Arch 468 will commit to produce in a fully-staged professional production. They will also offer dramaturgical support and creative friendship, supported by R&D resources as needed.
Artistic Director Rebecca Atkinson comments, “We want to be surprised and inspired by a work that gives us a new vision of what our world might look like. That doesn’t mean some naïve Panglossian fairytale; we want to be truly convinced that the future can be bright and we want to share that hopeful surety with our audiences in a way that sticks. We want authentic feeling stories in dialogue with the world we live in now. We believe in the power of brilliant leaps of writerly imagination.”
For more information on the Hope Prize, including submission dates and more, visit

Deadline: 29 March 2021
Source: Playwriting UK Facebook Group

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