The Comedy Crowd seeking 2 minute videos for Chorts

Chorts are 2 minute comedies that show potential to be developed into a series of superb episodes or sketches.

It’s free to enter, and shortlisted entries will be reviewed by an industry judging panel including top producers.

The winners will embark on a unique journey where Team Comedy Crowd, Chorts sponsors Bath Spa University, and expert comedy coach Chris Head will provide you with the advice and resources you need to turn your Chort! into a series and grow your audience.

Comedy Crowd Co-founders Jon Jayson and Peter Wright say: ‘The way new comedy finds its audience is changing, and this is creating exciting opportunities for new writers and performers. Shows like ‘People Just do Nothing‘ and the ‘The Ladventures of Thomas Gray‘ got off the ground when their creators, who at the time were unknowns in comedy, picked up a camera and showed off their characters.

We’ve created Chorts! so writers and performers can showcase their potential, make funny content quickly, and engage an audience.’

Filming support:  If you are a writer who doesn’t want to get in front of the camera, or a performer who doesn’t have a camera, you can find creators with the skills to help you out in the Comedy Crowd’s Facebook Group.

The Comedy Crowd is a community that helps writers and performers turn ideas into comedy shows. If you have any questions please email

How to apply:  To see the Chorts! and submit your own visit visit their website.

Deadline: 21 May 2018 

Source:  BBC Writersroom

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