The Eddy (online theatre subscription service) open to play submissions

The Eddy is currently open to play submissions from unproduced playwrights under age 35.

About The Eddy: ‘The Eddy is a digital, subscriber-based theatre community unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. The Eddy is a revolutionary platform whose main purpose is to distribute scripts by up and coming playwrights to subscribers interested in reading, and even producing, new works. Though the playwright stands at the center of our model, The Eddy is a place for all theatre artists to connect over a shared love of new work.’

How it works:  ‘It’s very simple and the best part is, it’s completely free to subscribe! By providing their e-mail, subscribers to The Eddy will digitally receive PDFs of new plays each month. These plays are selected from The Eddy’s open play submission process and curated by The Eddy’s literary staff to provide readers with a wide and varied array of new works each month. If you particularly enjoy a script, as long as the playwright has agreed to share their contact information, you can connect via e-mail and discuss the work further. With The Eddy, the possibilities for connections are endless.’

Eligibility:  Submissions are open to all unpublished playwrights under the age of 35.

What to submit:

  • Ten-minute, one-act, and full-length plays are all accepted
  • Playwright must submit a short synopsis of the play (no more than 200 words) in the body of the e-mail

What you pay: Submission fee is $1 (100% of submission fees go to the upkeep of The Eddy website).

How to apply: 

  • Plays must be submitted in PDF format to with the subject line formatted “Full Name-Play Submission-Title of Play”
  • Plays must contain a cover page with the playwright’s preferred means of contact (e-mail, phone).
  • The application fee is payable via their website.

(Remember, any information shared on the cover page will be distributed to all subscribers. If you are a playwright who would not like to be contacted, please make sure to remove all contact information.)

Deadline:  18 July 2016

Source:  Direct contact


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