The Literal Challenge: 29 Plays Later

The Literal Challenge – a company that brings together a community of writers, wannabe writers and newbies through creative challenges. Over the last five Februarys, they have run  run five 28 Plays Later, a play-a-day writing challenge that has inspired the writing of 26,649 plays!
Registrations are now open through for this year’s challenge through their website  and will be open until 28 January.

They have had some incredible successes from our previous years; some of those 26,649 plays have gone on to great things, including professional runs at theatres, readings, festivals, and even adaptation into films.

How it works: Participants are sent a daily brief and have 36 hours to write a play in response. The idea is to get writing and produce something creative every day, without self-judgement. Plays are submitted online and it’s up to the participant how they choose to develop any, all, or none of their plays once February has come to an end.

The registration fee is £22.22, and all the money (minus admin fees) goes into a pot, and if participants complete the challenge, they will receive a share of it (we aim for all completers to make a small profit).

They  also offer the choice of taking part without the stressful deadlines and risk of disqualification (but without the financial incentive).
More information can be found on our FAQ page. 

Deadline: (for registrations): 28 January 2019 
Source: direct contact

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