The Literal Challenge: Registration open for Scriptly Writing 14 day challenge

Scriptly Writing is a new writing opportunity from The Literal Challenge – a small social enterprise
that brings together a community of writers, wannabe writers and newbies through creative
challenges. Over the last few years, they’ve run 10 different challenges, in which people were
encouraged to write a new piece of writing every day, that has so far inspired almost 2,000 from
more than 60 countries worldwide to write more than 50,000 new works.

Do note: In response to the effect Covid has had on our industry, they are offering Scriptly
Writing on a commit-what-you-can basis, so everybody is welcome, regardless of how much
(or how little) they can add to the pot.

The way it works is simple: From 10 October, participants will be sent a daily brief and have 36
hours to write a screenplay in response. The idea is to get writing and produce something creative
every day. After 14 days, it’s up to participants how they choose to develop any, all, or none of their
pieces.Screenplays can be of any length and in any language.

Registration is now open through the website:
and will be open until 7 October.

There are two types of entry:

TIMED ENTRY – as per the rules, the money contributed will be kept in a pot (minus admin fees) and
then distributed between all those who completed the challenges to the daily deadlines.
CREATIVE ENTRY – if you don’t fancy the stress, you can just choose to join the challenge, and you
will not be entered into the reward pot at the end. This means you can deliver as many submission,
whenever you like.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Many thanks and have a fantastic day,
Alex (The Literal Challenge)
Connect with us @thelitchallenge #ScriptlyWriting

Deadline for registration: 7 October 2020 

Source: direct contact

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