The New Works Playhouse accepting applications

The New Works Playhouse is a non-profit organisation driven by a single goal; to do our part in facilitating new, inspiring works from performing artists and writers. Through their work, they aim to create a more accessible route into the industry for those who may otherwise feel unable to follow traditional routes. The organisation works alongside its core ethos, which are:
The performing arts industry should be accessible to all no matter their background, whether it is their ethnicity, gender, sexuality, disability, financial constraints, and/or for any other reasons.
Accessibility should include artists, writers, performers, and any other individuals within the performing arts industry as well as audience members.

To ensure accessibility, all of our application processes, audition processes, and interview processes are free of charge. Subsequent successful membership is also free of charge. Tickets for any of our events will be on a pay-what-you-can basis within a range of pricing options. We will support those who are still unable to afford a ticket based on the range of pricing options.
Transparency is vital to ensure that all of our members feel comfortable participating with us.

They are currently accepting applications for performers and writers to become members and showcase their talent through online table reads and digital productions of new works submitted by their member writers. Prospective writer members should aim to submit a complete play for a live table read event as part of their application process if the initial screening is successful.

To apply, please follow the steps below:
Fill out the application form for performers/writers through their website.
Prospective applicants should prepare to submit a CV (preferably without personal information such as a home telephone number or home address) in a PDF format. A headshot/photo will also be required for performer applicants.
Writers – Please also prepare to submit a blurb and an extract from the intended play submission in one PDF document.
Applicants must be at least the legal age of adulthood in their country of residence. The community is built up of members from around the world – geographical location will not be a barrier.
If the initial screening process is successful, prospective writer members will be asked to submit their full play for consideration before an interview.
The final step – audition and/or interview!
There is no application fee/membership fee for performers and writers. Instead, The New Works Playhouse raises funds through donations and tickets to the events through a pay-what-you-can system. This is to ensure that those with financial difficulties also have access.

For events (table reads and performances) hosted by The New Works Playhouse, 50% of donations through an event will be split equally between the participating performers and writers. The remaining 50% of donations will be reinvested into future projects.

If you would like to find out more, or if you have any special requests/needs for the application process, please get in touch at or visit the website at

Terms and Conditions and example agreements can be found on their website.

Deadline for Writer Applications: 31st May 2021.

Performer Applications are ongoing.

Source: direct contact

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