The Queens of Cups: New Moon Monologues – seeking writing on the theme of ‘Begin Again’

The Queens of Cups, the founders of the New Moon Monologues are seeking new writing for their next event.
The theme is “Begin Again”. The submission deadline is February 27th, the full moon and the performance will be on the next new moon, March 13th.
In the spirit of the theme, it will be a bit of a different structure for New Moon Monologues. They are currently doing a crowdfunding campaign in order to pay all of their artists in the future (you can check it out here: The amount they are able to pay writers will be dependent on the success of the crowdfunding campaign, but it will be at least £30, as they’ve already raised £1700.
To submit, they are asking writers to donate £3 to the campaign. That money will go directly towards paying the writers who are featured.  Each writer will also receive extensive feedback.
How to submit: visit the website:
Deadline: 27 February 2021
Source: direct contact

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