The Total Artist: An Adventure In Expressive Living

Do you want a more creative 2024?

Co-founder of London Playwrights, Alli Smith, has launched a new creative project for 2024.

The Total Artist a digital programme created to be done in company with others. The prompts may take the form of emails or videos, and will be delivered directly to your inbox. The Total Artist exists somewhere in a space between a blog series and an online course, so I have called it an ‘adventure’.

Most importantly, it will be fun!

The Total Artist will unfold as a year long experiment.

Each month will be dedicated to a different medium of artistic expression. (These will be timed to coincide with the moon cycles rather than the calendar months, as a nice little way of encouraging us to be in tune with the world around us.)

As an example: Month 1 will focus on writing – particularly the dynamic tension between clarity (prose) and mystery (poetry). Both these modes of communication have a valuable place in our lives. How do we decide which facets we want to tap into when expressing ourselves through language and text? And what role do clarity and mystery have in other mediums of creative expression?

Want to find out more and sign up? Click here.

Cost: free 

Deadline: the year long programme starts 11 January 2024

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