Theatre Delicatessen launches opportunity for emerging theatre makers

SPACED is an opportunity launched by Theatre Delicatessen for emerging theatre artists to develop their work in a free and creative environment. In February 2014, Theatre Delicatessen will offer 15 chosen companies and artists residencies at their pop-up creative hub at the former BBC London Headquarters at Marylebone High Street.

Working with the support of Theatre Delicatessen’s creative team, each of the selected companies will be given an exclusive studio space for which to develop a scratch performance or installation over a period of two weeks in response to the question “Is It Worth It?” The resulting work will be staged as part of a Souk Festival of new performances in March 2014.

They are seeking ‘vibrant artists and companies who create performance in a variety of forms, from site-specific work to immersive performance, physical theatre to one-on-one performances, and installation to text’.

How to apply and deadline:  Theatre Delicatessen will be hosting an open day on December 15 for those interested in applying and there will be an opportunity to discuss your ideas. Applicants will then have until 17th January 2014 to submit their pitch. You can register for the open day and download an application form here.

Source: Theatre Delicatessen e-newsletter

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