TLW LEXiCON Play and Short Story Competition (£3 submission fee)

TLW LEXiCON has announced a Play and Short Story Competition.  Running from the 15th to the 16th March 2014 in the Alexander Centre, Faversham,  TLW LEXiCON is a cross between a small convention or expo, and a relatively large literary event in the traditional style.

The prompt:  Write a play or a short story that includes the title and something about a book that was first published prior to 1930. Your work can be set in any time period and can be in any genre, but must not simply be a re-working of the original plot of the chosen book. We are looking for creative fictional encounters with physical copies of the book itself, unexpectedly real characters that were always believed to be a product of the original author’s imagination, unpredictable events triggered by a well known title, or anything your creativity can conjure.

Submission guidelines:

  • Plays must run to no longer than 20 minutes, and have a cast of no more than five actors.
  • Short stories must be no longer than 3500 words.
  • You may submit one play, one story, or one of each. You may not submit more than one story or more than one play.
  • Your work must be suitable for a general audience as TLW LEXiCON is a family event.
  • Submission of an entry to the competition is subject to the Competition Submissions Terms and Conditions.

How to apply:  Entries can be submitted on their website.

What you pay:  There is a submission fee of £3 for every entry.

What you get:  The winning selection of four plays will be performed as a rehearsed reading on one of the stages at TLW LEXiCON in Faversham throughout the weekend of the festival. An overall best play and best short story will be selected at the end of the festival, and will be presented with a certificate and a prize that will be announced nearer the time.

Deadline:  10 January 2014  (*Note:  Submissions don’t open until 1 November 2013!)

Source:  @Playwriting_UK

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