Transient Arena – Script Submissions

From 2024, Transient Arena are planning to produce and stage a number of plays every year.

The theme for the 2024 season is ‘Life & Death’.

Whether you’re an experienced playright, of fancy trying your hand at writing a play, you may submit a script for consideration.

The company is partial to both comedies and stories that make audiences think, and spark conversation and debate in their online community and in real life.

The fewer actors required, the better.

Email to

Pay: to be negotiated

In the email, write a little about yourself, how long you’ve been writing, what inspires you and the premise of your play.

The submission window closes on October 31st 2023 at noon.

Source: Playwriting UK Facebook Group

7 thoughts on “Transient Arena – Script Submissions”

  1. Brian James McInally

    Try sending it to the email address and see how far you get? Gone on to their website and can’t get any further. Can LPB check these opportunities before they get posted please?

    1. Kimberley Andrews

      Hi Brian, we do work really hard to check everything before we post opportunities within the realm of our very small team and limited resources. This was actually a typo on the organisers website which has now been rectified. The correct email address is now in the post and this should work but we would appreciate the feedback if it doesn’t work, thanks!

  2. There seems to be no mention of any money involved, either to the writers, actors, or for production…

  3. Is this a real outfit.? The links on their website about venues in London, Aylesbury and other places all lead to the same page showing a magician performing at’ 14.00′ in Watford. No location given. No date either. It looks like a test website. And they invite comedians to apply to perform at an event for between 10 mins and 60 mins but for no money. Hopefully it’s all fine but it might be worth double-checking.

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