Tree Shadow Theatre commissioning a playwright for Camden Fringe

Tree Shadow Theatre are performing at this year’s Camden Fringe Festival. We already have a fantastic venue, but now we are looking for a script. We have taken successful productions to the Edinburgh Fringe and on tour, receiving five star reviews and great audiences. This is the first time we are taking part in the Camden Fringe.

The play will be directed by Anita Parry, who has worked extensively in theatre and film.

Commisson fee: £100

Requirements: A two-hander play for two women, with a running time of 40-45 minutes, which can be done simply and on a small budget. They are looking for something ‘of our time’ to catch audience and press attention. They need a synopsis and extract by March 7th and there is a deadline of the end of April for the complete play.

How to apply: Please email with the subject “Camden Script” with your synopsis, extract and CV.

Deadline: 7 March 2015

Source: IdeasTap Jobs

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