Turn Point Theatre seeking short plays on theme of ‘My First Time’ for Tickle & Scratch online scratch night

Turn Point theatre are running a new scratch night, Tickle & Scratch. The first theme will be:
Send in your 5-8 minute pieces by Friday 4th September, 5pm (UK), for a chance to have it showcased on Thursday 10th September & receive feedback by our group of readers FOR FREE.
You can send:  Monologues, Plays (of up to 4 characters), comedy sketches, Spoken Word, Poetry or even Stand Up. Whether you’re a new writer or want to try out some material, this is a chance for everyone AROUND THE WORLD!
How to submit: Email turnpointtheatre@gmail.com with your submissions.
If you are an actor wanting to perform these pieces, then please get in contact. If you also want to perform the piece you have written, then just let them know your preferences.
Deadline: 4 September 2020 
Source: direct contact

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