Two-day Script Supervision course at Pinewood Studios (£349)

Script Supervision Course
22-23 August 2017 from 10am-5pm
Pinewood Studios

This course is an opportunity for existing script supervisors and those beginning their career to spend two days picking the brains of one of the most experienced script supervisors in large scale International film production: Lisa Vick

This two day masterclass will enhance your script supervision skills for large scale international film projects and will provide you with valuable insights to the industry and how to forge a successful career whether your are starting out or transferring skills from tv to film or simply want to update your knowledge from one of the best in the business.

You will be covering concepts like: Overview of what a Script Supervisor does and the skills required.

  • PRE PRODUCTION – how to prep a large scale movie: Breakdowns required: Script Timing – scene, pages, timing Story Day Breakdown One Liner Breakdown Master Breakdown Other Breakdowns Rehearsals – actors and stunts Read throughs Production Meetings
  • CONTINUITY NOTES – from prep to post: Every day notes Continuity reports (UK and US versions) Assistant Editor’s Log Marked up script Daily Status Report Slating – UK and US Pick Ups List and Wildtracks How Editorial, the Production Office and other units use the information
  • The Script Supervisor on set: Why we need continuity A typical day Blocking and/or rehearsal Lighting Keeping continuity: within scenes (matched action) within the script (progressive action) Overview of how and what to match Keeping the notes during the day Relationship with the Director How we help other departments Screen direction Practical examples and workshop.

Cost: £349 (bursaries available)

How to book: Bookings can be made online via the Creative Media Skills website.

Source: Playwriting UK Facebook Group

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