University of the West of England (UWE) – Workshop Training Opportunity for BME writers

WE (University of the West of England) have announced a Workshop Training Opportunity for BME writers pursuing a TV writing career.

The need for exciting, diverse voices and stories in media has never been greater. Are you wanting your voice to be heard? Are you a BME performance writer looking to tell your story in the TV industry?

UWE Film offer a series of workshop training opportunities, designed to enhance your TV writing skills, gearing you up for the next step in your career.

The workshops will focus on advanced approaches to tone, voice and engaging character development in television writing, increasing your productivity as a television writer, and how to work in, and run writers’ rooms.

They are seeking applicants for this free writing course, which will be headed by experienced TV and feature film screenwriter, Sean Robert Daniels. Workshops will be scheduled outside working hours, where possible, and will continue until January 2019.

Who can apply:

In order to apply, you must:

  • be a BME performance writer residing within, or close to, the greater Bristol area or South Wales.
  • have at least one performance script professionally produced e.g. a play, short film, scripted webcast episode, etc. (please indicate where and when the work, or works, were professionally produced.)
  • submit a single script as a writing sample. The script should be a complete work, no shorter than 15 pages.

How to submit: all submissions must be emailed to: ,with the subject line: BME Workshop Training Opportunity

Deadline: 19 November 2018 at midnight

Source: BBC Writersroom

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