Voice of a Woman seeking short screenplays by women writers

What is it?
The Voice of a Woman (VOW)  is working with an international broadcaster to produce a series of short films by women screenwriters.  With plans to go into production in the next few months, VOW is looking for a short screenplay for the Pilot. 
  • The short should be 15 minutes (though they will consider stories from 10 – 30 minutes.)
  • This is an international series, celebrating a variety of female voices, so submissions from outside the UK are positively welcomed.
  • The script can be on anything – they are looking for good stories.
How to apply?
  • Please submit your screenplay to submissions@thevoiceofawoman.com
  • Label the email clearly – VOW Short Screenplay
  • Screenplays should be in screenplay format with your name and title on the title page
VOW has been celebrating female artists for over ten years. You can see more about their projects and the recipients of The Voice of a Woman annual award on their website thevoiceofawoman.com or on Wikipedia.
Deadline: Wednesday 4th March 2020
Source: Direct Contact

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