Wanted: music/art/writing/film/anything


HELLO FRIENDS celebrates the infinite mishmash that is creativity. As both a website and a performance night, it is a creative community that never switches off. They try to publish one piece of work to the website every day, and  welcome submissions of any kind (writing, music, film, visual art) from anybody. They’re not ‘looking for’ anything.

Our monthly event also welcomes any genre of performance and sees musicians, comedians, poets, artists, activists and many more taking to the stage in a friendly, attentive and, most importantly, exciting environment.
There are millions of creative people in a city like London. But in a place so big, it’s easy to stick to your own small pocket of people or, worse, keep your creativity to yourself. With HELLO FRIENDS, we’re trying to create a place for meeting other creatives, sharing your work, telling others you if you love theirs, and maybe even collaborating some time.
We’d love to publish your writing/music/film/art/anything.
We’d love you to perform at one of our monthly events.
How to apply: visit www.hello-friends.org for more information
Deadline 2 June 2015

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