WGM Atlantic Group Literary: How to be a regular writer on the Soaps

How to be a regular writer on the Soaps with Emmerdale Script Editors Jennifer Fox and Lauren Heeley. 

Jennifer and Lauren will be doing a workshop on structuring elements within episodes and how to write and cross over different strands of storyline. 

The details of this are: 

Date: Saturday, October 5th 

Location: Manchester 

Duration: Two and a half hours with a choice of two time slots: 10.30am to 1pm or 1.30pm to 4.00pm 

Cost: £35 (This is a non-profit making workshop event as all costs contribute towards the days running costs. We are always looking for great screenwriters and this is an ideal way for us to meet you) 

Jennifer and Lauren will also show how to structure individual scenes, including interactive practical elements where they will ask writers what they think script editors expect within structure. Writers will also be asked to plot out the A strand of a storyline and explain how they would pace it across the episode. 

Each workshop will end with a Q and A session. 

The workshop is open to non-represented writers and we welcome writers of all abilities and 

backgrounds. This is an excellent opportunity for you to network and connect with producers. 

To reserve a place on this workshop please email madeleine@wgmatlanticgroup.com.

Deadline: not applicable/ Date of workshop: 5 October 2019 

Source: direct contact

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