White Hart Trust Studios seeking international and foreign language theatre

The White Hart Trust Studios is looking  for theatre works for upcoming season of international theatre.

Theatre addressing identity; theatre in a foreign language; theatre addressing themes of immigration, migration, relocation, or just living in London.. please feel free to write with any enquiry.

There’s a healthy cut of the box-office, technical support, help with FOH staffing & aid in promotions.

Local audience is the most diverce in Europe with over 140 languages spoken in the area.. for the most a blend of Turkish speaking peoples, Afro & Caribbean; Portuguese speaking and Southern Americas; Romanian, Italian.  There are primarily youth & family audiences, but with some room for young adults and the over 50s.

How to apply:  Contact Benjamin at white.hart.studios@gmail.com

Deadline:  None posted

Source:  Arts Jobs

2 thoughts on “White Hart Trust Studios seeking international and foreign language theatre”

  1. Would you be intereted in DEAR COMRADE FRIKKIE?
    The characters are members of staff and visitors on Robben Island during the imprisonment and shortly afterwards of Nelson Mandela.Though he never appears directly we observe his impact on the others.The play inevitably deals with themes of persecution,freedom and reconciliation.

    1. Kimberley Andrews

      Hi Harold,

      We just re-post these opportunities so it’s best to contact the organisers directly.

      Good luck!

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