Whose London Is it Anyway – seed commissions call out from Camden People’s Theatre (BAME writers)

Whose London Is It Anyway? festival, January 2016: Seed Commissions Call Out From 11-30 January 2016

Camden People’s Theatre presents Whose London Is It Anyway?, a festival of theatre, performance and discussion exploring the changing face of our capital city. In the run-up to the May 2016 mayoral election, this unique event explores London’s housing crisis, the impact of “regeneration”, the privatising of public space, and the experience of living in Europe’s only megacity.

As artists ‘pop up’ in defunct shops, social housing tenants are moved hundreds of miles across the country, and garages sell for hundreds of thousands of pounds, CPT asks: What is a city for? Who does London belong to? What do we want to protect about our city, and what are we prepared to lose?

CPT is  offering three seed commissions to artists from BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic) backgrounds to create a new ‘scratch’ performance (up to 25 minutes long).

Each artist will be receive £750 towards producing the work. These commissions are being offered specifically to those from BAME backgrounds in recognition of the fact these artists are currently underrepresented in contemporary theatre.

Please bear in mind, CPT champions and supports innovative, unconventional theatre. We will consider devised, self-made and solo work, off-site work, interactive work, virtual work, live art and cross-disciplinary work, multimedia work, etc. We are unlikely to consider ‘plays’ as traditionally understood, ‘new writing’, formally conventional work, straight monologues, or any work made according to the usual writer-directoractor hierarchies.

See here for full details.

How to apply : send proposals to Anna O’Dell at anna@cptheatre.co.uk (subject field ‘Whose London Is It Anyway? submission’).

Deadline: Wed 18 Nov at 5pm

Source: Talawa e-newsletter

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