Windsor Fringe – Kenneth Branagh Award for New Drama Writing

Amateur playwrights world-wide are invited to submit a one-act play. Three winning scripts will be selected for fully staged performances during the Windsor Fringe Festival in October. One of the three scripts will be chosen as the overall winner and awarded a £500 prizeThe plays will be judged purely on the writing before they are staged.


• Only amateur playwrights are eligible and only one script per author will be accepted.

• Each script must be an original work and not previously published or performed.

• Each play is to be 25-35 minutes in length.

• Each play to have a cast of no more than six actors.

• Each play must be suitable for staging in a studio theatre.

Submission guidelines

If “BBC Writersroom” is written on the top right hand corner of contact sheet, no submission fee will be needed. 

Two hard copies are to be submitted to the address below, printed on one side only on A4 or US letter paper with no binding or stapling, with pages numbered. One digital copy must be emailed to by the deadline date and an automatic email reply will be sent confirming receipt.

No hard copy scripts will be returned. The paper scripts should be sent to:

Windsor Fringe Kenneth Branagh Drama Writing Award

Suite 640

24-28 St Leonard’s Road





CLICK HERE FOR A DOWNLOADABLE PDF containing full details of the submission criteria, script guidelines, answers to frequently asked questions & printing options.

For any immediate enquiry please email:

Submission deadline: March 5th 2022


Source: BBC Writersroom

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