Wonderbox Q&A on women and personal writing at The Space

If we are half of the world’s population, why are women’s issues still often confined to the fringes of art? Why is seeing period blood more shocking than an action film shoot out, when the former is A LOT more common? Why is having ‘strong female-leads’ progressive when we see them everyday?

Join Wonderbox for a discussion on women in theatre making. They will look at how we make plays about personal issues, what audiences reactions are to taboo topics and how we market shows about ‘women’s stuff.’

They will be joined by Isley Lynn, whose play Skin a Cat has been nominated for four Off-West Awards including best new playwright, and was pick of the year at Vaults 2016. Guleraana Mir whose play Coconut was very successful at The Ovalhouse theatre and has been published by Samuel French as well as our own BBC Writersroom shortlisted writer, Claire Rammelkamp.

How to book: tickets for the post-show talk are included in the Thursday night ticket to FFS! , our new show of three short comedies, all stories that make women go ‘Oh For F*** Sake!’ FFS! looks at issues such as porn among teenagers, getting home on a night out and workplace sexism and will serve as a springboard to the post-show conversation.  Book tickets here. 
Date: 7  March 2019
Deadline: none applicable 
Source: direct contact

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