#WrAP2022: Redrafting Resources – coming in April!

Did you take part in #WrAP2022? If so, you might remember we promised we’d be providing some readrafting tools in the Spring to help you develop your #WrAP2022 play even further!

So, this April, we’ll be sending you weekly emails containing redrafting advice, exercises, and strategies to give you everything you need to polish up those plays ready for the summer (when we’ll be launching our members submission window for 2022, by the way!).

To access these resources, you don’t need to do anything. If you signed up to the #WrAP2022 mailing list, you’re all good and will receive the redrafting emails in April straight to your inbox!

What if you didn’t do #WrAP2022?! That’s ok, you can still sign up for the redrafting emails and use them for whatever project you’ve got on the go! Just head over to the members’ site, click on the resources menu, head to #WrAP2022 and sign up!

Why is this only available for members? Resources such as this are funded by the kind support of our members. If you’re not a member yet, you can find out more and sign up for just £3.63 here. 

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