WRITER CALL OUT Maya Productions Ltd – South Yorkshire

We are recruiting a Writer local to South Yorkshire to create a new piece of theatre. Between April and November 2024, we will be delivering weekly creative sessions. The piece will reflect themes and ideas from creative sessions with people living with long-term mental health needs.

Job Description

A key aspect of this project is to develop the skills and career progression of global majority arts practitioners in the field of Arts and Mental Health. Therefore this call out is targeted at artists who self identify as a global majority background artist.

Between April and November 2024 we will be delivering weekly creative sessions at two residential schemes run by our partners, South Yorkshire Housing Association (SYHA).

Key Dates:

Interview dates (online): 26th February AM and 27th February.

Training: w/c 22nd April, Doncaster Community Arts, central Doncaster: (3hrs, time tbc):

Treatment: w/c 17 June 2024

Script development meetings: Meetings to happen June, July, and Autumn 2024 ( schedule TBC)

Delivery: For the first full draft 15th July 2024

Reading of First Draft: w/c 22 July 2024 Final Draft deadline – TBC

Production: January- March 2025

Dramaturgical input: Maya Artistic Director Suzanne Gorman will be the dramaturg for the script, however the process will involve script feedback sessions with participants and conversations with the lead theatre practitioner as the script develops/is redrafted.

Find out more here.

Deadline: 19 February 2024

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