Writer/Dramaturg for Physical and Digital Storytelling with Mimbre (£1,000 commission)

Mimbre is an acrobatic theatre company, producing innovative and extraordinary performance work through strong imagery, visual poetry and emotional content. We explore how narratives can be driven by physical choreographies and how much can be said without words.

They are looking for a collaborator (writer or dramaturge) interested in working with the artistic team in the second development stage for their production – to bounce ideas and test concepts for a simple narrative structure to bind together the physical choreographies and visual explorations around the subject of Time.  You will need to be available to join the company  in France between 23-29 November 2014.

The brief:  

“Are a minute of sadness and a minute of joy really the same length?”

‘Time flies’, ‘time froze’, ‘the longest minute of my life’. The feeling of time is relative, but we still try to measure it, schedule it and live it, using the nano-seconds, minutes and hours that we think define it. TIME will use the strength of dance and acrobatics to explore the absolute and relative nature of time, enhanced by film, photography and digital technologies to create an ever changing set that transports the story beyond the here and now.

About the role:  The initial collaboration and input will be for the research and development. Depending on which direction the concept develops further consultancy involvement would then be considered for the final production which subject to fundraising will be produced between February- April 2015 and premiered spring/summer 2015.

Payment:  The fee for the work in November is £1000 plus travel to France and accommodation. This would include meeting before and after the residency to discuss the project and debrief.

What to submit:  If you are interested in the role send a brief history of other collaborations or examples of work that you think are relevant for this project with a brief summary of why you are interested in taking part and how you would approach the collaboration.

How to apply:  Please email to info@mimbre.co.uk by midday on 20th October. To discuss the role in more details please contact lina@mimbre.co.uk.

Deadline:  20 October 2014 at noon

Source: Arts Jobs

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