Writers Avenue Theatre Company wants six degrees of separation scripts (writers aged 18-30)

The Writers Avenue Theatre Company is open to writers aged 18-30 who would like the opportunity to develop work and showcase it in front of an audience including top industry professionals.

It is looking for scripts on the theme: Six degrees: It’s a small world. The playwright, Frigyes Karinthy, was the first to bring forth the 6 degrees of separation theory which refers to the idea that everyone on this earth is approximately six or less steps away from introduction to each other.​

Once the writers are selected each writer shall write a loose synopsis for their idea and attend workshops to develop scripts that are connected with each other. ​

Eligibility: Age 18-30.

What to submit: The opening 10 pages of a script.

How to enter: Please submit your script to: info@writersavenue.co.uk with the subject line 6 DEGREES followed by the title of your play. Include your full name, number, email and address on the title page, use size 12 font and number the pages.

Deadline: 1 March 2017

Source: BBC Writersroom

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