Writers wanted for Stitchin’ Fiction

After a blinder of an evening last month, Team SF are back with a vengeance to seek out and provide a platform for London’s upcoming best and brightest!

What are we looking for? Like-minded creatives who seek a platform for collaborative theatre-making opportunities. That’s it! Whether you’re fresh out of your thesis or seasoned with scripts, SF’s doors are open for all the apply.

You provide the words for the performer, and collaborate as director on the night. All submissions MUST be sent through email. Submissions should be between three and ten minutes (maximum).

Stitchin’ Fiction is an equal opportunities organisation.
We welcome all ages, ethnicities, physicalities and accents. We strive to best match performers to our written submissions. The nature of SF means that any role could come up at any time – every event is completely different!

If you would like to find out anything about the organisation, or get involved behind the scenes, please get in touch by email.

How to apply: send your work to – stitchinfiction@gmail.com
Performance date: Tuesday 2nd June
Place: The Boogaloo, Highgate, N6 5AT
Submission Deadline: Monday 25 May midnight

Source: IdeasTap Jobs Page

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