Writing for Television: Residential workshop with Roy Mitchell

A 4 day residential Workshop in Writing for Television takes place on 20 – 24 May 2019 with Roy Mitchell.

What do you want to write and why do you want to write it?

Roy Mitchell is an accomplished television drama writer whose career spans 4 decades and includes scripting popular series such as Casualty, The Bill, Boon, Blue Murder, Back Up and Thief Takers. Roy co-created the series New Tricks with Amanda Redford and Denis Waterman, which ran for over a decade, and he recently completed a US TV series set in Maine for Fox TV.

Each participant will have ample time to write dramatized exchanges, scenes and short treatments for TV. Roy is an engaging and entertaining member of the Industry and will lead the writers through fields such as:

  • Character, Plot, Structure and Dialogue
  • The verbal versus the visual
  • Watching people not plot
  • The 90 seconds before someone stops watching
  • The Beginning, the Middle and the End
  • What things cost in TV drama and why the writer should know
  • Why actors don’t do as they’re told, why directors don’t do what they say they will, and how to get them to do what you want
  • The course will also look at the reality of writing for present day TV and attempting to break into the business.
  • TV Drama – Single Dramas, TV Series, Serials and Soap.
  • Writers’ Agents and TV Drama Commissioners. What are they looking for?
  • Most important of all – what do people watch? And what do people want to watch

Location: The Workshop will be held at the Priory (not that one) close to Poitiers, France (Ryan air), a small chateau where each writer will have their own luxury room with desk and all meals provided.

How to book: Please contact Jayne Morley at jftmorley@hotmail.com for further information, costs and bookings. The workshop is limited to 8 writers.

Deadline: none posted 

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