Writing Scripted Comedy with Chris Neilan – a one day workshop (Manchester)

This is a  full day practical workshop were you will be asked to write and participate and share ideas.

Why are some characters funnier than others? Why was Friends so much better in the first two seasons? Why don’t comedic characters have to have character arcs? Why are British and American comedies different – and are they really? And how, dear God, do you construct an effective plotline?!

If these are the kind of questions you ponder of a weekend, and if you have a head full of sitcom characters and mirthful plotlines, this workshop could be for you. We’ll focus on how you can structure ideas into effective and funny scripts, looking especially at the ins and outs of narrative structure, and how that can be the maker or breaker of your script.

Date: 28 January 2018, 10am – 4pm

Cost: £39.89

How to book: here

Deadline: not applicable 

Source: Playwriting UK Facebook Group

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