Writing Workshop Facilitator required – North Yorkshire (paid)

“Take Our Words For It” – creative writing by and for parents.

Parents4Parents-NorthYorks is launching a creative writing project with parents from military and civilian families in and around Catterick.

The project will engage parents who have faced difficult circumstances when expecting and looking after their children as members of the “ Take Our Words For It” Team.

The Team will use various forms of writing to share the experiences and issues they have faced and express their feelings and thoughts about them.

Their work will be performed for and discussed with audiences of other parents.

We are seeking two or more accomplished writers to facilitate 8 workshops with project participants. Each facilitator will be paid a minimum of £100 per workshop.

One of the facilitators will be slected to assist in co-ordinating the Team for an additional £80.00 per day.

To be considered for this opportunity, applicants must have:

1. Experience of facilitating writing workshops in informal community settings, that:

  • Draw on the life experience of parents who have experienced different kinds of adversity and hardship.
  • Include spoken words skills and lead to presentations delivered by workshop participants.

2. The following skills and qualities:

  • Teaching one or more of the following forms of writing: articles or blogs, first person memoirs, monologues, plays, poetry, prose, stories, testimony.
  • Facilitating group development.
  • Supporting people in sharing and writing about difficult experiences and issues.
  • Raising confidence and self-esteem.
  • Empathy and respect for vulnerable parents.

It would be an advantage to candidates if they can demonstrate that they have knowledge or direct personal experience of:

  • Using community development processes
  • The issues that affect the lives of parents from military families
  • The issues that affect the lives of parents from diverse and marginalised communities

To apply for this work, please submit, your CV, a supporting personal statement, a piece of your own writing about a personal experience that relates to the focus for the project and a plan for a writing workshop.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to a second stage of the selection process led by Parents4Parents service users.

Deadline: 18 November 2016

Source: Arts Jobs

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