Yellow Earth Theatre – East Asian/Southeast Asian writers group

During the 17 June session of the East Asian Theatremakers Discussion Group, it was suggested that a writers group be formed, to provide a space for mutual support and sharing of work and ideas.

This is an open invitation to all writers of East Asian/Southeast Asian descent (aspiring, emerging, and experienced) to form the group, and attend the first of hopefully many meetings. We envision that the group will be peer-led and self-structuring.

At the first meeting, we propose, as a starting point, the following points for discussion:

  • establishing a code of conduct, to ensure the space remains safe and productive for all participating writers
  • agreeing to the length, frequency, and structure of meetings
  • planning how the group will be run and maintained

The first meeting will be on 7 June 5-7pm. Please register HERE. The Zoom meeting link will be emailed to you the day before. Please invite any East Asian writers who you think this open invite has not reached.

See you all there!

Source: PLAYWRITING UK Facebook

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