Z-Arts seeking writer-performers to create monologues about family life (£750 fee)

Z-arts are commissioning five writer-performers to create a monologue about family life.  Z-arts is Manchester’s venue for children and families.

The prompt:  In their own words:

We’re asking ourselves, what does a contemporary family look like now and how do we create theatre that reflects and caters for the modern family.

“Family Matters”, a series of 5 monologues, is the first platform that asks the question creatively, using artists’ voices as the principal provocation:  “How can theatre be more relevant to families in contemporary society?

Therefore we’re looking for family stories that are a bit unusual.  You might be, or want to write about being:

A teenage mum or dad
An adoptive gay parent
A ‘pretend family’ you have created
Part of a family separated by miles
A single parent
Growing Up in Care
Affected by divorce
Breaking out of your family as a young adult

About the event:  “Family Matters” will be directed by Susan Roberts and is delivered in association with the Royal Exchange Theatre and the national Family Arts Campaign.  The monologues will be performed at the Royal Exchange in turn as a lunchtime programme over the week of the national Family Arts Festival (20-24 October), ending with a performance of all five monologues at Z-arts on Saturday 1st November.  This event will also include a discussion on the nature of family in contemporary society. We are also working with the Family Arts Campaign to secure broadcast opportunities for the monologues to highlight the value of theatre for families.

Some monologues are in place, but in order to get the best, diverse balance they are now requesting submissions.  Each must be a piece of beautifully crafted writing, drawing on emotions and creating a window on the multiplicities of human existence in the modern world.

Ideally they are looking for writers who perform their own work. However, writers can apply independently but please note that the fee is set for writer/performers and would therefore be reduced by negotiation to accommodate performer fees.  Feel free to call Liz O’Neill on 0161 232 6076 if you’d like to discuss this opportunity.

How to apply:  To apply please send a copy of your cv plus one page of writing as an example of the kind of family experience you want to focus on to liz@z-arts.org and a link to examples of your performance if appropriate.


  • Deadline for submissions: Tuesday 5th August.
  • Fee: £750 (payable in instalments)
  • First draft: early September
  • Final draft: end September
  • Performances: 20 Oct – 1st November

Deadline:  Tuesday 5 August 2014

Source:  Bruntwood Opportunities

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